To all of our wonderful supporters,

Apologies to all for the radio silence, as you are probably aware there is a lot of uncertainty in these strange times we live in.

We are continually assessing the COVID-19 situation, and are fully aware of increasing concerns about what affect Covid-19 will have on our events this year.

The current advice from our government, albeit limited, remains that they have no intention of cancelling small outdoor gatherings, but obviously all advice issued has the potential to change.

Our responsibility is to all of you that have and continue to put your trust in us by purchasing tickets and we will endeavour to look after you to best of our ability.

In line with this we have a contingency plan whereby we will postpone the festival if necessary to a later date, for those of you who are unable to attend, we will issue credit for future events.

This plan will be initiated if it is decided that small outdoor gatherings would be cancelled, we expect such advice to be issued by the Government on or before April 1st.

We must stress that it is fully expected that the events this year will continue and that it will be safe to do so. We will be making adjustments to the set up and arena layout to reduce the number of confined spaces, as well as putting in additional hygiene stations and checks on arrival. We will also be announcing further measures in the lead up to the events.

Thank you for your support and remain vigilant, we hope to see you all in May.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via