Please accept our apologies for the delay in this announcement, we are still waiting, as is everyone for the latest Government advice on the lock-down which has now been postponed until the end of this week.

As the nation have been doing such a great job of #stayingathome we hope that we will be rewarded by flattening the curve and gaining control over the outbreak which will allow us to get back to normal life as quickly and safely as possible.

Although we realise we are probably being pretty optimistic with this, we are hoping that small outdoor gatherings like ours will be the first social events that will be allowed to go ahead following the lock-down. We will obviously be adopting additional hygiene measures and redesigning the arena to allow for more space.

However, should the restrictions still be in place, we will be looking to move our BeCider Seaside 10 event to August 7-9th 2020. We will try our best to keep the line-up as close to the original as possible, but as you can appreciate it may be subject to change.

If you are unable to attend the proposed date, all tickets will remain valid for transfer to either an alternative event in 2020 (SouthCider Festival 2020 – July 3-6th or BeCider Seaside 11 – Aug 28th-31st 2020) or as a credit for any one of our 2021 events.

We really appreciate your patience and support, and we can’t wait to be able to celebrate getting through this together with a crisp beverage in the sun!


Stay positive!

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us via we may take a little while longer to reply as we are in the thick of lambing at the moment.

Lots of Bredy Farm love,

Abi & Charlie