We hope you have all been able to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend and we apologise for the delay in releasing this update.

We were hoping to have received some more information from the government with regards to public gatherings, but sadly this has not been the case and we have been told to expect this information on June 13th.

Although the government have suggested that some areas of hospitality will be allowed to reopen on July 4th, we realise that with the current proposed phases, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to host SouthCider Festival 2020 – July 3-6th.

Even if the restrictions were lifted, we would not want to make anybody feel pressured to venture out whilst there is still so much uncertainty about the safety of doing so.

We have therefore made the decision to postpone SouthCider Festival 2020. At the moment, we are currently looking at a weekend towards the end of September, and in the event that this is unable to go ahead, we will roll the whole event over to 2021.

Our hearts go out to those who work in the music industry, which is in a very sorry state as we watch events and venues close their doors for the last time throughout the nation. We are trying to do our bit, where we can, and have encouraged booking agents & artists to hold on to any deposits that we have already paid to help them get by, and also that they will be guaranteed a slot at the event when we are able to host it.

If you’d like to support the industry, we encourage you to go and buy some music/merch/photos and let’s help them get through this! After all, every little helps.

All tickets will remain valid for the postponed event and we will be sending out an email shortly to all ticket-holders with your options should you not be able to attend the new date. If you could please refrain from emailing us before you have received this email, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and continued support, we hope we can ride this storm out together!

Stay positive!
Charlie & Abi
Bredy Farm