A family run restaurant offering traditional Neapolitan style pizzas, home cooked Italian meals and Sunday roasts.

Following a slightly extended winter break we are truly excited to be firing things up in the kitchen, once again serving food in The Parlour.

As per the guidelines we will be building the capacity of our offering, kicking off with the resumption of our takeaways.  Across each weekend between now and the 12th April we’ll be serving traditional Neapolitan style pizza, delicious, freshly prepared roast dinners and some (we think so anyway) truly delightful desserts.  There may be some other specials cropping up so keep an eye peeled.

Come Tuesday 13th April we shall be opening the doors to The Parlour, or at least the gate to the terrace, as we are able accept diners in our outdoor seating area.  We will be limited to tables of 6 for mixed groups from differing households or and are waiting on confirmation whether it’s more as long as it’s only from 2.  The booking lines are well and truly open so if you fancy meeting up with some friends in a safe environment then give us a call, we’d love to see you!
May 17th will see the next change as we open the inside seating area to receive guests.  Tables inside will be limited to a maximum of 6 people, again, unless from 2 households then we can accommodate more (again, pending confirmation.. We are still keenly keeping an eye on all information and should there be any changes will of course keep this updated accordingly.
This brings us nicely to June 21st when, with all being well, we shall have no restrictions and the buzz and fervour of The Parlour at full canter will be seen.  If you have not visited us we look forward to welcoming you in whatever capacity that may be.  For those who have we shall welcome you back and enjoy the reward of seeing friendly faces again.Until then, stay safe and do give us a call if the hunger for a visit becomes just slightly too much!!

For booking enquiries please click the link on The Parlour page to email or call 01308 897899 within opening hours.

We look forward to welcoming you!