We are finally feeling hopeful and looking forwards to the summer, and preparations are well under way for our festivals in 2021! We’ve been in communications with licensing and the local authorities, and it’s look pretty positive for all three events this summer.

Whatever the weather, the events will be just as special and memorable as always, so be sure to pick up a ticket via our website because they’re selling fast!

TICKETS AT: www.bredyfarm.com/events-at-bredy/

Save the dates
BeCider Seaside 12 – May 28th-31st 2021 – Likely 50% capacity and cap on social groups to maximum 30 people. Social distancing rules will apply. We will be operating as a COVID secure venue.

SouthCider Festival 2021 – July 2-5th 2021 – Hopefully (fingers crossed) functioning as normal, no restrictions on social groups or social distancing rules. We will obviously maintain the venue with a high standard of hygiene throughout the event, including hand sanitising stations, increased number of facilities and strict cleaning rotas in place.

BeCider Seaside 13 – Aug 27th-20th 2021 – As for July!

If you fancy treating yourself, glamping (supplied by Bell & Breakfast) is now available to purchase via our website for all three events!

You can view the line-up announcements so far via our facebook pages:

BeCider Seaside

SouthCider Festival

If you have held onto a ticket from 2020 (thank you, you legends!), your ticket will automatically be rolled over to the corresponding event this year. If you would prefer to attend a different event and haven’t yet notified us, can you please do this before Friday 12th March. If we haven’t heard from you by this date, your ticket will automatically be rolled over to the corresponding event (eg. SouthCider Festival 2020 tickets will be rolled over to SouthCider Festival 2021). You do not need to contact us unless you wish to change the event.

Orchard & Mead Camping

We’ll be looking to open our campsite again on 12th April (provided everything goes to plan) – we are already taking bookings online, so be sure to book ahead to avoid missing out! https://www.bredyfarm.com/camping/#book

April 12th – Campsite will open. ‘Rule of 6′ from multiple households or groups of more than 6 from a maximum of two households can meet outside. We are currently seeking clarification as to whether toilets/showers can open, as these are not toilet or shower blocks, so function as individual use facilities.

May 17th – Outdoor gatherings up to 30 people. Social distancing between friends and family to be confirmed by government. The Parlour are delight to be getting things going again as of

June 21st – FREEEDOM (hopefully!)

The Parlour Cafe & Restaurant

March 14th – The Parlour will be re-opening with a delicious takeaway Mother’s Day Sunday roast. They’ll be kicking off with Dorset lamb or Creedy Carver duck served with all the trimmings, or a root vegetable dauphinoise with a beetroot sauce for the vegetarians out there. All meals are freshly prepared and ready to go on collection. June 21st – Doors well an truly open to all and everyone

April 12th – Opening the terrace with bookings available for tables of 6 people or more if you are only from two households. The pizza oven will be roaring and ready to go, and we’ll see the re-introduction of their charcoal and wood grill menus on the weekends.

May 17th – Doors are open to inside with rule of 6 or more from ONLY two households applying (under review by government – this may change!)

June 21st – Doors are well an truly open to all and everyone

Hopefully, that’s all fairly self explanatory! As explained, we are continuing to monitor the situation closely, and will update/amend any guidelines or dates when the information becomes available to us!

With love,
The Bredy Farm Team x