We understand there is a lot going on in the media at this moment in time, and appreciate people may be nervous in attending an ‘event’.
We can assure you we have not taken the decision lightly to host the event, but we have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure our events can be hosted safely.
We have already hosted 2 successful covid-19 secure events this summer, with great feedback.
At the first event, we saw over 160 ticket holders either transfer or request a refund with less than two weeks to go before the event. At the second event, we saw around 100 ticket holders either transfer or request a refund, but we battled through and managed to chip away some of the losses we’ve faced so far this year.
We have seen around 100 ticket holders either transfer or request a refund for this event, a large proportion of which have come in with just a week to go.
We have worked endlessly to make this event safe with many sleepless nights. There is always a big risk when it comes to hosting an event, but even more so this year – with no insurance policy covering for COVID-19, and we have put our trust in you to adhere to the rules that we put in place to make everybody safe.

We are now at breaking point. We can’t do it again without more support from you. The live music industry is at the brink of collapse, and whilst we’re making every effort to try to our bit to help get it off the ground, we need you to grab a ticket and join us for

We would really love for SouthCider to go ahead next weekend, but we need you to support us and attend to make it possible!
At the moment, we would not be able to go ahead with the numbers confirmed due to the costs involved and we need 80 more ticketholders to make it work, so if you are looking to join us, we need you to commit before Monday at 8pm!
Should the event not go ahead we are formulating a plan B for all that were hoping to and still wish to attend, and will be offering refunds or transfers to 2021, so rest assured your ticket money is safe with us.
If you truly support the live music industry and want to see our events continue in years to come, please buy a ticket before Monday at 8pm!