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Camping Be Cider Seaside II

May 27th - 30th 2016

The first of our 2016 Camping Be Cider Seaside festivals!

Camping Be Cider Seaside II brought sunshine, laughter and enjoyment into the lives of our wonderful festival goers!

A huge thank you to our incredible staff, stewards and security - we couldn't have done it without you!

AND thanks to the many talented musicians that performed over the weekend including:

Our Compère:
James Weston


Beans on Toast - Jake and the Jellyfish - Gaz Brookfield - Dubclass

The Surfin' Birds - Jawbone - John D Revelator - Jimmy Hillbillies

SouthCider Festival 2016

July 1st-4th 2016

The one not to miss! Out of all of the events here at the farm, SouthCider Festival is our flagship event and always goes out with a bang, or a burning bust piano!

SouthCider Festival 2016 was the first in the series.

A huge thank you to all of our staff, stewards and security for making the event such a success...

Not to mention the musicians that made SouthCider Festival 2016 the raucous party that it was!

Our Compère:
James Weston



Dub Pistols - Buster Shuffle - King Porter Stomp
Backbeat Soundsystem - Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags
Sam Green & The Midnight Heist - The Bar Stool Preachers
Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band - Shoot The Moon - Worry Dolls
Paper Trains - Ten Zero One - The Trav Cats - Imprints
Gris-De-Lin - Gold Phoenix - Barney Newman
The Salt - Design - The Skimmity Hitchers

Camping Be Cider Seaside III

August 26th - 29th 2016

The August bank holiday weekend event is the finale of the Bredy Farm festival season of 2016!

This year's August Camping Be Cider Seaside event brought festival goers something a little different to the Bredy Farm festival scene.

Once again, an enormous thank you goes out to our staff (including sound and lighting crew!), stewards and security for all of their hard work and to those who contributed in any way, shape or form to make August's event extra special.

Our Compère:
James Weston

Hunter & The Bear - Swampgrass - Bare Jams - Imprints
Surfin' Birds - Cash Converted - Jawbone - Palooka 5
The Back Wood Redeemers - Voodoo Vegas - Edd Bleach
Benny Mayhem - Dorset Phil - Jack Humphries

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